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Sometimes pregnancy comes without any plans and then we reach out too many so-called home based remedies to get rid of it. We are either not ready for it, or our circumstances do not allow us to have a child. We do not want all the hustle bustles of a hospital and doctor and want to work it out at the quietness of our homes. One such method is by taking a high dosage of aspirin.

Aspirin is a tablet that comes in a group of tablets which have pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and temperature reducing properties. This tablet is taken to get relief from a headache, toothache, nerve pain and sore throat. You can even take it to get relief in case you are feeling slightly feverish.

It’s cheap, and one does not require any prescription to buy this medicine. This medicine, when taken to a great quantity, is said to induce periods. Take five to ten tablets of aspirin with a glass of water to avoiding any unwanted pregnancy. This method gives you quick results within few days.

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Generally, due to its pregnancy terminating properties, it is asked to avoid taking even if you are sexually active and trying to be pregnant. It is so efficient that it could work as a contraceptive in people who take it regularly.

Individuals with any stomach ulcer and allergy to NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) should avoid taking aspirin.

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It’s widely available not only in pharmaceuticals but also in local general stores and easy to obtain. This makes it appropriate method to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Ladies who are pregnant and are in their last three months or are breastfeeding should avoid taking this pill.

Also, people with asthma and children below sixteen years should also avoid taking this medicine without doctor’s advice. One should avoid taking alcohol while they are consuming this medicine as it can cause major complexities to oneself.

Aspirin is a medicine which helps keep the heart healthy. It recommended to people who have already suffered from heart stroke.

Many women also take aspirin dosage to regulate their cramps during periods. The tablet is blood thinner and helps induce easy and regular periods. It’s a life saver for many. In the case of delayed periods, a high dosage of this medicine can surely help.

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If one is pregnant for more than ten weeks, then she should avoid taking any home-based remedy for abortion. This could create lots of complexities. These home-based remedies are generally to be taken within one month of conceiving. These drugs could cause abnormalities in a child in case a pregnant woman takes them in later stage. It can affect child’s heart health. And, can cause blockage of blood circulations.


After ten weeks, the embryo has grown to the extent that it need to be medically taken out or else it could cause internal infections. You need to be on antibiotics and under medical supervision to avoid any complexities.